Welcome to the home page for Kath and Marco's wedding, to take place on September 14th, 2002. See the list below for a description of what you can and can't do here.

There's a calendar of events related to the wedding available. Here you can see deadlines for various things and times that Kathy and Marco may not be available for questions.
You can register on-line quickly and easily for the long-awaited wedding. If you can't make it, we understand, but you can let us know that here, too. Curious about who else is coming to this gala event? The guest list is available for all to see, including a real-time list of who's coming and who's not.
Do you want to know where the wedding party is? What's going to happen there? There's a lot of information of that sort in the reception section. There's even directions for those driving to the party. The table assignments are also available, in printable format.
After 13 years of courting, we will have a pretty simple ceremony, but we'll have a two day party. There's a picnic the next day that you're also invited to if you're invited to the wedding. There's directions for that, too.
Did you lose your invitation? Did you forget which pieces you got? Do you just want to see what we made? Here's the invitation we sent out. There's also all of the materials given out at the wedding, including more directions, the programs, placecards and even the thank you cards.
Gift Policy
Finally, what do you get for folks who live in a tiny apartment, but are moving 4000 miles away right after the wedding? Check out our gift policy.

*We've chosen the German word for wedding for this site's name for two reasons. First, we're moving to Switzerland soon after the wedding. Second, the literal translation is "high time", which is a nice pun for how most would describe this wedding, as in "it's high time they're getting married." Hope we didn't lose too many of you there.