The earthli WebCore is a fully object-oriented, open-source framework for building scalable, attractive and customizable web sites with PHP.

Seeing is believing

Feast your eyes on the consistent, sleek look of WebCore applications. Click a picture below for a look at your web site's future. There are plenty more on the screenshots page.

Publishing integrated into UI
Migration Output
First Upgrade
Upgrade Needed
Purging with the Explorer
History View
Searching Pictures
Item in an email
Projects Table of Contents
Album Email Table of Contents

Take it for a spin

How about a demo? Everybody likes demos. Click an application below to learn more.

Read all about it

Read the overview to find out if the WebCore is right for you, then dive into the features for an in-depth look at what you get. "Why?" is a good place to go if you still need convincing that the WebCore is the way to go.