This quiz is reproduced from Bush’s First Year: A Quiz published on AlterNet by Daniel Kurtzman. All credit goes to him, I just added the automatic grading for convenience.

  1. What prank did outgoing Clinton staffers pull on the incoming Bush staff?

  2. Which product did President Bush endorse during a news conference with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, when asked whether the two leaders had found they shared anything common?

  3. Which one of the following is not a nickname that Bush has reportedly given out?

  4. What did Bush say he was “very sorry” about?

  5. What did some Indian nationals announce they would do in retaliation for Bush naming his cat “India”?

  6. What slight by the White House contributed to Vermont Sen. Jim Jeffords’ decision to bolt the GOP?

  7. What food item was added to the menu of the White House mess at Bush’s insistence?

  8. A group of senior White House staffers who convene each week to plot political strategy call themselves “The Strategery Group.”

  9. Bush said all of the following about his tax-cutting rationale except:

  10. Talk magazine created a stir by running a series of parody photographs that portrayed the Bush daughters as:

  11. After careful deliberation, the Bush administration released an energy plan calling for:

  12. When asked by a child in Britain to describe the White House, Bush replied, “It is white.”

  13. What was the name of the short-lived Comedy Central sitcom about the Bush White House?

  14. Which of the following statements did Bush not make?

  15. Who begged Bush for a job in his administration?

  16. After President Bush and his father donned hats embroidered with the numbers “43” and “41,” first daughters Jenna and Barbara were spotted at a Texas bar boozing it up while wearing caps numbered “47” and “48.”

  17. Bush interrupted his month-long vacation last summer to:

  18. What folksy phrase has Bush not used in talking about the war on terrorism?

  19. Enron provided Bush with all of the following except:

  20. Bush’s 90 percent presidential approval rating has been exceeded in history only by:

  21. In November Bush signed a controversial executive order:

  22. What did doctors say may have been a factor in Bush’s pretzel-induced choking and fainting mishap?

  23. How did Bush sum up his first year in office?