I'm a mixed dwarf rabbit. I rule my apartment with an iron fist. I live in New York City (in Queens). Every once in a while, I'm transported upstate in the loudest car in the world for a 'Fresh Air' weekend. The warden there took some pictures of me. Check 'em out here.


 I just found out today that one of my good buddies, whom I’ve stayed with and played with a couple of times over the years, recently contracted pneumonia at the ripe old age of 15 and was mercifully allowed to avoid a long slow decline. Here’s to my buddy Boris, who didn’t eat me when he could have. I was glad to have been able to stay with him over the last couple of weeks. I figured the big guy deserved his own page here at, er, You can visit it here.

oz - 28. Apr 2002

Latest Photos

Stupid Rabbit Tricks

21. Jun 1999

He didn’t even have any food for me (though as you can probably see, lack of food isn’t exactly a... [More]

Playing Soccer

21. Jun 1999

Here I’m being chased and hounded until I bump my nose against the ball and ‘play soccer’. All just... [More]

Hogging the Deck Chair

21. Jul 1998

Later, I hang out at Karen and Gar’s and take the big Adirondack lounger all for myself.

Caged in the Yard

21. Jul 1998

I spent some time at Mil and Nid’s house, caged down in the backyard. I even got free once, but the... [More]

My Collar

21. Dec 1997

Here is a rare picture of me in my collar. Sean made it for me out of hemp and actually put on... [More]

My Favorite Place

27. Apr 1997

This is one of my favorite spots. I can really relax because it’s dark and protected.

Before the White Carpet

7. Jan 1997

This was my non-too-subtle hint that I really needed a carpet for a new sleeping area. Karen... [More]

Under the Blanket

27. Oct 1996

I like to sleep on people. It’s like a heated floor. If the house is freezing, I also appreciate it... [More]

Sleeping in a Planter

16. Mar 1996

I found this place to sleep in one of Kath’s dead plant pots.

Bandu is Mine

9. Mar 1996

Seriously, I’m not getting off this thing until you say I can play.


1. Mar 1996

Even though I’m not allowed to go into the rest of the house, I climb on top of Kath to try to get... [More]

Relaxing in ‘My Spot’

11. Feb 1996

My Cookie Monster blanket hasn’t been donated by Niddy yet, but I’m staking a claim to this area... [More]

New Bathroom

10. Feb 1996

Here I am trying out a new bathroom in one of Kath’s dead plants. Not a lot of privacy, but it’s... [More]

Late Afternoon Snack

10. Feb 1996

I’ve got them trained on my late afternoon ‘supper’ already. This could be a pretty sweet setup.

Cookie Monster Arrives

10. Feb 1996

Here’s where I used to have a lot more space to myself.

House Inside a House

10. Feb 1996

I used to have some pretty fine accomodations. Tasty too.

Too Tired to Search Farther

7. Feb 1996

In the comfort of my own home, I have no fears of being preyed upon and feel relaxed enough to... [More]

D Needs to Wake Up

7. Feb 1996

Here I am playing ‘wake-up call’.

Testing Out Different ‘Spots’

6. Feb 1996

The next spot I try is here, in front of everybody in the middle of the living room.

Sleeping in the Office

4. Feb 1996

My quest for a spot to call my own starts here, in the office.


12. Jan 1996

Despite my recent surgery, I managed to hide digging efforts inside my ‘house within a house’, that... [More]

Sleeping in the Fluff

7. Jan 1996

After my surgery, I found this nice, soft place to sleep. It’s pillow stuffing from a craft store.... [More]

Victorian Collar

3. Jan 1996

OK. First I lose my manhood. Next I get to wear this glorious contraption that trips me when I try... [More]

First New Years

1. Jan 1996

I relax in the Christmas tree skirt on my first New Year’s day.

New Year’s Eve

31. Dec 1995

I’m thinking about that champagne that’s going to come out tonight.

Visiting Maggia

23. Dec 1995

Niddy let me run loose when I was still young and cute. Maggia didn’t really show much interest.

Kisses for Boris

23. Dec 1995

Boris shows a little more interest.

Baby Picture #1

28. Oct 1995

Here I am investigating my new home as a baby.

Baby Picture #2

28. Oct 1995

Kath holds me up for the camera, but Marco badly overexposes me.

Just Arrived

28. Oct 1995

This is when I was very small and had just arrived home from the Pet Store.