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SeanBaby and OMM are back

Published by marco on

Seanbaby returns from more than a month off with a 3-page discussion of homosexuality (and a little bit of Kevin Smith) and, as usual, ends up taking some potshots at everybody. Again, as usual, there’s some really good stuff here.

<q>People who cry about stereotypes are usually upset because they fall into them. We don’t have time to get to know every single person we see. We have to stereotype people in certain ways to know which one of them wants to kill us for our wallet, which ones can’t drive, and which ones enjoy the taste of falafel. If we didn’t have stereotypes, we’d be doing stupid shit like walking up to bikers and asking who won today’s tennis match.<br><br>So if you’re Hindu and everyone stereotypes you as someone who doesn’t ever go fly fishing, I apologize on the sake of my cruel people.

Old Man Murray returns as well with Eric’s essay on how a wimpy gamer with girl arms can help to fight back for America. It involves EASports NHL 2002 video game and some serious bending of the rules.