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USA Bill passes Senate 96-1

Published by marco on

WiredNews reports that the USA (Uniting and Strengthening America) or “Terror” Bill has passed the Senate. Presumably it will not have more trouble passing Congress. Included measures granted to policing organizations are:

<q>…allow[s] police to perform “roving wiretaps” and listen in on any telephone that a subject of an investigation might use. … expands police’s ability to access any type of stored or “tangible” information…such as medical or educational data … [provides] that system administrators [of universities, libraries and employers] should be able to monitor anyone they deem a “computer trespasser.”… [provides for] police obtaining a court order, sneaking into a suspect’s home, and not notifiying that person they had been there….</q>

And that’s not all! You also get:

<q>… allows police to conduct Internet eavesdropping without a court order in some circumstances, lets federal prosecutors imprison non-citizens for extended periods, and expands the duration of an electronic surveillance order issued by a secret court from 90 to 120 days</q>

On the bright(ish) side:

<q>It expands the jurisdiction of the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court, but not as much as Bush wanted; it requires warrants before voice mail can be seized; it does not permit tax return information to be shared with other federal agencies.</q>

Go freedom! Oh, and terror legislation is addressing online gambling as well.



kavorka (updated by kavorka)

it adds value to being a cop; and certainly new material for police recruitment campaigns. Can you imagine.