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Profiling is <em>good

Published by marco on

In the same creepy vein as the previous post, here’s an article on the Wall Street Journal talking about how easy it is being white and being able to freely profile people while sympathizing with their plight, but demanding their patience and that they “suck it up”.

<q>But you know what? I think we’re in the fight of our lives, and I think we’re going to need their patience. And I think those who have not yet developed patience are going to have to grow up and get some. …
No one likes “racial profiling,” “ethnic profiling,” “religious profiling.” But I see it this way: … Because under very special circumstances—and these are special circumstances—you sometimes have to sacrifice. You have to drop your burly pride a little and try to understand and be accepting and accommodating and generous-spirited. … I think we’re going to require a lot of patience from a lot of innocent people. And you know, I don’t think that’s asking too much. And when it’s not given, I think we should recognize that as odd.</q>

Whew! And she corroborated her opinion with information culled from the Internet by her kid and things she overheard from her cab driver. There’s some journalistic reliability right there. So, basically, low level panic justifies profiling, and resistance to profiling is grounds for suspicion. There’s one lady whose not afraid to fight for what makes America great, eh?