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Who the hell is mailing Anthrax?

Published by marco on

A lot of media attention is given to the connection between the Anthrax letters and the 9/11 attack. Why the silence on right-wing terrorism? on the World Socialist Web Site discusses the very real possibility that the Anthrax attacks are from domestic sources.

<q>If the anthrax attacks had taken place before September 11, the prime suspects would have been anti-abortion zealots or right-wing militia fanatics seeking to avenge the execution of Timothy McVeigh.</q>

Since the U.S. has no compunctions about rushing to judgement and sentencing in the Bin Laden case (in effect sentencing an entire region of the world), the reluctance to immediately blame foreign terrorists does merit careful attention and lends credence to theories of domestic groups with their own agendas taking advantage of America’s fear.

<q>A government official with direct knowledge of the investigation said yesterday that the totality of the evidence in hand suggests that it is unlikely that the spores were originally produced in the former Soviet Union or Iraq.&#8221; … The statement points to the conclusion that the anthrax mailed to Daschle&#8217;s office was either stolen from US military stocks or supplied directly by US military personnel with access to supplies. In either case, it is far more likely that the anthrax was passed to American fascists, who have numerous sympathizers in the military, than to Islamic fundamentalists.</q>