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Device Names

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  • Asgard: Windows workgroup; no longer actively used. (home of the gods)
  • Valhalla: Wireless network. (where warriors go when they die)
  • Loki: First Alienware computer; deceased. (trickster god)
  • Thor: Second Alienware computer. (god of thunder)
  • Idun: “scoop of rice” iMac. (wife of Odin, god of gods)
  • Nott: Kath’s iPod Shuffle. (goddess of night)
  • Sif: Marco’s iPod Shuffle. (corn goddess; wife of Thor)
  • Freya: Kath’s Sony-Ericsson K550i phone. (goddess of love, fertility and sexual desire)
  • Goll: Marco’s Sony-Ericsson K750i phone. (Valkyrie)
  • Atla: Sony-Ericsson T630 phone; guest phone. (water goddess)
  • Ostara: Kath’s white MacBook (4G). (goddess of fertility and spring)
  • Laga: 320GB Lacie Hard Drive; backup for Ostara. (goddess of springs and wells)
  • Baldur: 500GB Lacie Hard Drive; backup for Ymir. (god of peace)
  • Rig: Marco’s 4GB USB Stick. (god of light, security and surveillance)
  • Hugin: Kath’s 500MB USB Stick. (One of Odin’s ravens; represents “thought”)
  • Munin: Marco’s 500MB USB Stick. (One of Odin’s ravens; represents “memory”)
  • Mani: Kath’s 4GB USB Stick. (moon god)