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Inanity Squared

Published by marco on

“We Americans have always had a special relationship with…the future”
2012 Republican presidential nomination acceptance speech by Mitt Romney
“Yes, yes, yes, we Americans, uniquely among Earth’s people…move forward in time”

That’s my favorite quote from that show, but the whole thing was a tour de force, a satirical analytic onslaught by the Daily Show news team. If you’re a fan of the form—or if you’d like a more honest lens (comedic though it may be, it’s more honesty than you’ll get from Wolf Blitzer) through which to view the presidential campaign (the Republican side of it for now; the Democratic convention is coming up next week, about which Jon Stewart said “This President has issues and there are very legitimate debates to be had about his policies and actions and successes and/or failures as President. I mean…(grins)…tune in next week.” Emphasis in original.)

Show from August 31st (The Daily Show)