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Lee Camp videos

Published by marco on

I’ve been following Lee Camp, a stand-up comedian/activist/blogger for several months now. He’s always been quite good, but he’s hit his stride lately. His “Moment of Clarity” videos are short and interesting and often funny.

The following videos were posted while he’s on tour in the British Isles.

The Most Dangerous Discussion In The World? − MOC #232 by Lee Camp (YouTube)

Citing from the video description:

“There’s a discussion that most people aren’t having and that our media will never dare mention. If we never have it, we may all end up dead. […] So here it is: capitalism has a lot of problems.”

How To Boil A Human − MOC #233 by Lee Camp (YouTube)

Citing from the video description:

“For the first time in 3 million years the atmospheric level of carbon dioxide is over 400 parts per million. Scientists say this is well beyond a sustainable level, and it’s increasing every day.”

YOU Are A Slave and Here's How − MOC #234 by Lee Camp (YouTube)

In this last video, Camp talks about debt and how it’s used to control people at all levels: echoing concepts from John Perkins’s Confessions of an Economic Hitman, he describes how rich countries use debt and international law to lean on poorer countries; at the micro level, all kinds of debt is used to control people and keep them in the rat race: medical debt, mortgages, student debt, payday loans, installment loans, etc.