CSPAN interview with Chris Hedges (2013)

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I’ve been watching a lot of Chris Hedges lately. Below is another video, this one from 2013, in which he discusses a wide range of topics from his essays, his many books as well as questions from callers.

Brace Yourself! The American Empire Is Over by Chris Hedges on October 2013 (YouTube)

“I share the right-wing’s critique of Obamacare. It’s a disastrous bill. It was written by corporate lobbyists. 2000 pages of it. It is essentially the equivalent of the bank-bailout bill for the pharmaceutical and insurance industries, $400 billion in subsidies. Meanwhile, the White House handed out exemptions because these corporations do not want to insure chronically ill children. Think of it in moral terms, it really means that we live in a country where it is now legally permissible for corporations—for-profit corporations—to hold sick children hostage while their parents frantically bankrupt themselves, trying to save their sons and daughters. This is the kind of world the corporate state creates.”