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Mark Blyth on the Jimmy Dore show

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I last wrote about Mark Blyth about two months ago in the article Mark Blyth on Global Trumpism. I recently saw another interview with him on the Jimmy Dore show that I can recommend watching.

If you’ve watched Blythe before, he doesn’t cover a lot of new ground, but he does have a wonderful way with words and for getting right to the point. Often he can shut down an entire line of reasoning with a single, giant point that makes other arguments pale into insignificance.

The interview is split into two parts:

American Income Inequality Perfectly Explained (Mark Blyth Interview) (11:00) (YouTube)

American Income Inequality Perfectly Explained (Mark Blyth Interview) (11:30) (YouTube)

I didn’t extract any transcript this time around, but the videos aren’t that long. If you like Blyth—and you should because he’s brilliant and funny and (almost[1]) always right—I can highly recommend the podcast interview with The Dig: Mark Blyth on How Austerity Brought Us Donald Trump (Jacobin Radio) (1h:30m). “Interview” is a bit of stretch. He’s like Slavoj Žižek: they ask him a question and he’s off and running for 20 minutes. It’s heady and interesting stuff and over far too soon.

[1] No-one is right all the time. In my experience, though, Blyth comes close.