I’ll be mellow when I’m dead

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When asked about being “driven by this fear of inertia”,

“I’m almost 60. I’m 56, so I’ve got a few more years. It’s not old, it’s not young, it’s not anything, but it’s not 20.

“Unless you keep some amount of intensity and anger with it, whatever that is, where you’re like, I’m getting up today, I’m going for it, what are you angry at? Whatever it is, bring it on. I gotta be a little mad at it … to get through it. I have never been able to lose that. What I have done to displace some of that ambient rage is … work on my skills. The sharper the scalpel, I don’t need to take the whole forest down, I can just take those two trees down. I don’t want to relax because I know myself: I’ll just go fallow. I’d rather have the intensity, the nerves and the stress that comes with and perhaps the shortened lifespan from always being (seizes up and squeezes eyes shut) inside.”