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Book recommendations from Kindle

Published by marco on

My Kindle’s home screen has not, to date, recommended anything that would interest me in the least.

Most of the books look like something I would be leery of setting on fire for fear of toxic smoke.

Case in point:

 Kindle Home Screen

This one has the tag line of “Mystery solving cats. A humorous who done it with heart.”

Anyone who knows me will not be surprised to hear that I noticed the missing hyphen in “Mystery solving cats” immediately.

After that, I crashed into the next sentence, assuming that they’d misspelled “humorist” as “humorous”, so I thought it was describing the author as “[a humorist] who done it with heart.” I was confident in my reading, figuring that anyone who would drop such an easy hyphen would also be capable of such a crime against humanity as that purported sentence.[1]

My wife pointed out that, in fact, “who done it” was a misspelling of “whodunnit” so that the sentence should have read “A humorous whodunnit with heart.”[2]

I realize that I’ve already paid far too much attention to a book called “Ghostly Paws”, recommended by USA Today. My Kindle is driving me crazy.[3]

[1] Which it is not. A sentence, that is.[4]
[2] This fragment is still not a sentence, but is, at least, legible.
[3] Neither of those two fragments are sentences either.
[4] See Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited for more trials and tribulations.