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Sanders is too good for this worldcountry

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I found this truly excellent comment by Remember-The-Future (Reddit) on /r/bestof—and it truly is one of the best things I’ve read on Reddit.

The entire comment is well-worth reading, but I’ve liberally selected the bits I liked the most.

A democracy cannot function without actual citizens.

“I think most people would be very unhappy if Sanders supporters put the blame where it truly belonged. Because the real problem with America is, and always has been, the quality of its people.

“[…] the truth is that there is no system of government ever designed, nor could one ever be created, that could survive and prosper with a population as arrogant, stupid, selfish and short-sighted as the average American.”

His take on Trump is something I’ve been saying since Trump took over the Republican race:

Donald Trump is not an anomaly. He didn’t appear suddenly, he was born here, and lived here his entire life. He made a fortune selling tacky, overpriced, gaudy junk – and Americans bought it, and elevated it to a status symbol. He grifted, lied, swindled and stole – and the American justice system enabled him and empowered him. He said shocking, disgusting, horrifying things – and our media gave him a megaphone. And he did everything possible to demonstrate that he was a stupid, petty, arrogant and cruel man unfit in every way possible for any office in existence – and a nation of stupid, petty, arrogant and cruel Americans turned out in droves to propel him to the highest office in the land. Trump is the real American. (Emphasis added.)”

On Democrats:

“Democrats […] blame the Russians for fanning the flames of hatred and division, but they never ask why those fires were alight in the first place. They talk about “what’s practical” while propping up an economic system that crashes every seven years and has failed the vast majority of those under its dominion and sneer at anyone who points out these obvious facts while advocating for alternatives. They answer questions of morality with words like “pragmatism” and rage against anyone unwilling to compromise their ethics.”

And, finally, on why Sanders stands alone, without endorsements from pretty much anyone already in power:

“The truth is that Sanders didn’t compromise enough to build a coalition – because in order to build a coalition in America the compromises you have to make are moral ones.”

Go read the original comment and throw the guy an upvote if you have an account.