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World-o-Meter Coronavirus Tracker

Published by marco on

I’ve settled on using the Coronavirus (World-o-meter) tracker. It seems to update relatively quickly and reasonably accurately and is also well-sourced. About a week ago, they finally added two new columns: total tested and tested/million people, which helps you compare the case numbers of countries more accurately (i.e. if a country has no cases and is testing like mad, then that’s good news; if they have few tests, then you can’t really conclude anything, but it’s probably not good news).

For Switzerland, there’s also the source data (used by World-o-meter) at Cases of Coronavirus in Switzerland, which breaks the numbers down by canton, with tons of charts and details.

It’s not like we can’t have a little fun with the numbers, right?

 Number of the Beast

 Jesus ist ne Woche zu früh dran (Jesus came a week early)