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Chris Hedges explains American desperation on Jimmy Dore

Published by marco on

Chris Hedges delivers powerful analysis in this 45-minute interview on the Jimmy Dore Show.[1]

America Has The Tinder To IGNITE Social Uprising − Chris Hedges by Jimmy Dore (YouTube)

The following is an especially powerful, off-the-cuff explanation for the core problem in America: a nearly unacknowledged problem of inequality that actively disparages the poor and the disadvantaged. 50 years ago, it was open season on anyone non-white. It still is, though less (or expressed less directly, if not less effectively).[2]

But they’re now joined by poor whites, who the elites happily send to the gallows, disparaging them for their backward ways, telling them that they’re wholly to blame for their own suffering and that of their families, and, now, being thrown off of global media systems and hunted as domestic terrorists.

Hedges fears that backing this particular rat into a corner will lead to the wrong kind of revolution. But the elites are adamantly and illegally and immorally triggering it.

Chris Hedges: You can never tell what ignites…I think the tinder is there. I think the problem is, that the Left is so decimated, that the backlash may be a proto-Fascist, right-wing backlash.

“That’s my fear.

“But those people are victims, too. They may speak in racist tropes and all sorts of language that I have spent my life fighting against, but their pain is real. Their suffering is real. Their betrayal is real. The meaninglessness that has gripped their lives is real. Their loss of hope is real. They’ve suffered. They’ve watched their families suffer. They’ve watched their children…all of that is real.

“Now, it may be expressed in very negative pathologies—and it is—but, unless we address that suffering, unless we reintegrate these people into society, unless we re-knit the social bonds, to give them a place, give them a sense of dignity, give them meaning, give them a sense of purpose, we’re finished.

“And that’s what frightens me. Because both the press, the media, which is … I turn on CNN … they can’t stop insulting these people fast enough. And the Democratic Party is the same. That essentially precludes any possibility of ever rebuilding a healthy society.

Jimmy Dore: It’s like they think if they can just cancel them off enough social-media apps, somehow they’ll all go away. They’re Americans.

Chris Hedges: That’s it. That’s what’s so scary. And, also, the inability on their [Democrats and the MSM] part to accept their own complicity for that suffering. There’s no contrition, there’s no self-reflection, there’s no self-criticism, and, of course, there’s no remorse.”

[1] Don’t believe the myths about Dore: he’s doing great work and he’s keeping great company. He’s only being torpedoed lately because he dared question Saint AOC’s piety—and her followers are ruthless, unswervingly faithful, and completely blind to her many inconsistencies and weaknesses. Dore held her to her more provocative statements—and was lambasted for calling her out on her hypocrisy and unwillingness to burn political capital on anything but her career.
[2] The prejudice is empirically and legally less. We are not at equality or justice yet. We are not good, but we are better. The 50s were an absolute shit-show.