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Carl Zha on the Chinese Summit (Behind the Headlines)

Published by marco on

I’d never heard of Carl Zha before, but he was entertaining and informative on U.S.-China relations. This is a 1-hour interview about various China-related topics.

Video: US Escalates New Cold War as Diplomatic Gloves Come Off, with Carl Zha by Behind the Headlines (YouTube)

I am not kidding. The U.S. lectured China at their latest summit with this gem:

“A confident country is able to look hard at its own shortcomings and constantly seek to improve. And that is the secret sauce of America.”

I wouldn’t even have known how to respond to that. The Idiocracy is fully bloomed.

The Chinese diplomat responded:

“I think we thought too well of the United States. We thought that we would follow the necessary diplomatic protocols. U.S. does not have the qualification to say that it wants to speak to China from a position of strength. You are not even qualified to say such things 20 or 30 years back.”

At 15:00: Carl Zha notes that the conference ended quite poorly, with the U.S. and China making separate statements. However, while the rest of the world covered both statements, U.S. Media didn’t cover the Chinese statement.

At 18:00 Carl Zha says that the Chinese people support their government to a much larger degree than that U.S. support (where Congress is and has been abysmal for quite some time). See Statista or Ballotpedia for more information.

At 25:00, Zha discusses Biden’s frailty, saying of the Democrats that “they chose this old man.”

Here’s the video they were talking about.

Joe Biden falls 3 times while boarding plane by Press TV (YouTube)

In fairness, it was pretty windy. This on the day after Putin wished Biden good health. Putin cursed him! Putin wouldn’t fall over in a stiff breeze, though.

At 34:00 Zha said, that he’d read a Russian … who was amazed that America would choose to antagonize Russia and China at the same time. He responded that (quick transcription),

“[…] our leaders are not the smartest bunch. I take it back. These elites are very smart about taking grift from the military-industrial complex. They don’t care if America has a bad relationship with Russia or China. What does that impact them personally? Nothing. They benefit from increasing tensions with Russia and China. That increases their funds from Lockheed Martin, etc. That’s all they care about. They talk about American interests, but they only care about their own personal interests.”

At 57:00 Zha says that Blinken was making a statement for U.S. media rather than talking to the Chinese diplomats, which is why they got some pushback. Blinked was completely undiplomatic and was grandstanding for his own country’s media for domestic political points rather than discussing salient points with the Chinese after having browbeaten them into having a summit on non-neutral territory.

At 59:30 Dan says that China has 1/6 of the average GDP per-capita, yet has eliminated extreme poverty

This is, of course, by the very weak definition of “extreme poverty” accepted by the U.N. … but, the U.S. can’t even clear that bar, with 6x the GDP per captita—because it’s much, much more unequal. Don’t waste your breath complaining about the Chinese oligarchs who run everything if you’re an American—focus on those much closer to home who put their Chinese counterparts to shame.