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Reporting on the democrats

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Something happened with this video. It’s still on YouTube, but Lee Camp has redacted it from his own web site. I’d originally watched it at MOC #67 − The Truth About DSA & AOC (w/ Eric London) (LeeCamp.Com), but that link is dead now. Episode #67 is conspicuously absent from the listings on that site. I’m a bit taken aback that Camp took the video down without explanation.

MOC #67 − The Truth About DSA & AOC (w/ Eric London) by Lee Camp (YouTube)

Eric London is much better in this interview than in print, but he cannot help but purity-test everyone. He mentions Jacobin offhandedly in the same breath as the DSA and the Democratic Party. He had a horrifically bad-faith takedown of Jimmy Dore a few months back (which is when I first read him).

My God, how can you diss Ariella Thornhill? And Nando? Fuck, dude, find allies where you can.

The rest of the interview is spot-on. But man, just back off on excoriating potential allies. I read Jacobin. They are in no way party-line Democrats. And Jimmy Dore is not a fascist, ya dimwit.

Sanders also comes under the wheels, of course. The dude is quoting Max something-or-other, a politician from 1918, but Bernie is a criminal on the same level as Nancy Pelosi or Mitch McConnell. AOC is more of a betrayal than Bernie, but not much. Bernie actually makes legislation, but he always votes wrong. I can’t remember the last time he did a protest vote.

AMLO and Corbyn are also traitors. I get the notion of lesser-evilism, but this is taking it so far that you will never win because you can never get started. It’s possible that it draws too much energy away to support inadequate people. I agree with that. I don’t understand why he thinks Jimmy Dore is a white supremacist. Or the Boogaloos are racists.

The Boogaloo takedown just showed that London is willing to believe whatever the mainstream media says about certain groups, accepting their declarations without question, while ignoring what the groups say about themselves.

With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and “bad faith actors” (WSWS), he slashes and burns his way through Briahna Joy Gray, who gave a very fair review of his article and its nearly deliberate misinterpretation of AOC. She does not pull any punches on AOC’s abhorrent behavior, but she balks at London’s salt-the-Earth approach, which has too little regard for facts. To back that up, he deliberately misinterprets the content of the podcast, which was nothing like what he writes about. I listened to it. It seemed fair and balanced.

London’s heart seems to be in the right place, but he paints with a very broad brush and cannot be trusted as a journalist. He has a very black/white view of the world. If you attack the Democratic party, as he does, then you’re good, no matter what you say.

If you take issue with what can only be interpreted as deliberate lies (or London’s listening faculties are so broken by his filters that he really shouldn’t be writing anything for a newspaper of any standing … at least not without an editor, which seems to be the case right now), then you’re the enemy. This is exactly the attitude that the Democrats took toward Trump and I’m sad to see him take it toward the Democrats. You can’t accuse a neighbor who smokes under your window of being a pedophile.