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Apple Music Can’t German

Published by marco on

I’m a former Google Play Music user. I’ve recently moved to YouTube Music.[1], which is not very friendly for people with large playlists:

  • It doesn’t pre-load the entire list; you have to scroll to see more entries
  • You can’t search within a playlist
  • You can’t multi-select items in a playlist, making management nearly impossible. You have to copy or move each song individually.

All of these things make managing a library a pretty big hassle. It’s like they’ve never heard of my use case before.

Anyway, I’m testing Apple Music, which addresses all of the issues above and integrates pretty well with everything else I use.

Still, there are wrinkles when using Apple Music internationally. If I click an Apple Music link in the browser, Apple detects my location as Switzerland by default, so it redirects me to the Swiss Apple Music store.

I logged in, but was rejected because I was at a store that I hadn’t signed up for. Instead of redirecting me to the US store, it showed me the following error message.

 Nice translation Apple

The title tells me to “Log in with [my] Apple-ID”. The error message tells me that “Logging in to Apple Music is possible. Try again.”

I’m almost certain that there’s a nicht missing there. I can’t believe that they’d write such an encouraging message, like, “Login is possible! You can do it! Try again, buddy!”

As with other complaints about Apple, it’s hard to believe that such a large, rich company with a handful of tightly vertically integrated products used by hundreds of millions of users still has such glaring and amateurish errors.

[1] When Google forced a migration at the end of last year.
[2] It uses the IP address because I haven’t given it access to anything else.