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Community-based Medicine

Published by marco on

A not insignificant part of the community doesn’t want the COVID vaccine. So, they’re coming up with their own versions. I heard from one friend that he’s taking dandelion extract. He’s convinced it will help fend off COVID, so that means he thinks he’s developed a partial vaccine, at least. The picture below comes from an anti-vaxx blogger I follow,[1]

 Nyquil: just as good as the vaccine

The guy posted it without comment, other than to title it “A safe alternative to the “vaccine”“, so I have no idea whether he’s just kidding around or not. If I were to guess, based on the rest of his content, I would say‚Ķno. No, he’s probably serious that when words match, that’s SCIENCE.

[1] Gotta keep your finger on the pulse, man.