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FTC shuts down pop-ad king


<a href="">An article</a> on <a href="">Slashdot</a> reports that the FTC is shutting down a number of sites that trap you into an endless cycle of pop-up windows. Many of these cycles involve porn and gambling site advertisements. One stumbles into them by mistyping popular web addresses. Once again, the government shouldn't be getting involved here. This guy is just using ingenuity to manipulate the functions of popular browsers. It's not a virus. It doesn't do any damage. The problem lies in the browsers. Here's <a href="">a proposal</a> to fix web browsers to combat this problem. I think that's much more productive than getting the government involved. Give people the power to avoid these intrusions by putting the onus on the browser vendors. Opera and Mozilla have support for disallowing 'open new window' commands. Guess who doesn't?