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Improving the Pocket Calendar


This guy kicked off a <a href="" source="ELZR">[a] better design to fit a year calendar comfortably within a business card.</a> There are a lot of, shall we say, <i>unique</i>, entries. Many of them are interesting only in that they actually work, not that they would be more useful than the standard pocket calendar, which uses text too small to read. The winning entry is the <a href="" author="Adam Sporka">Thumb Calendar</a>, which is clean and clear: <img src="{att_link}2037019771_2b77d5fa55.jpeg" align="center" class="frame"> Here's how it works: <bq quote_style="none">First half of the year is on one side of the card, the rest of the year is on the other. ... The header of each month is appropriately aligned to show the actual days of the week. <ol> Find the month you want to read. Use your thumbs to cover the numbers that are not directly below the month header. Note the color of the month header. The last day of the month is rendered in the same color.</ol></bq> Cool. There's a PDF to download if you actually want to carry it around with you.