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...Let Slip the Dogs of War


The U.S. started bombing Afghanistan yesterday. Seems we're bombing someone new every couple of years or so. How surgical are the attacks? This is the same military that had to cheat on other 'surgical strike' tests...and still failed them. The same military that claimed surgical attacks in the Gulf War...and admitted later they lied and had killed about 200,000 people, many of them civilians. What kind of military installations are being targeted? I thought most places in Afghanistan didn't even have electricity. As soon as the night's bombing runs are complete, we send in planes to drop food and medical supplies. This is pretty surreal. Living in NYC, I'm just hoping the backlash isn't immediate. Ars Technica has a <a href="">good discussion on the topic</a>. They discuss whether we are right in doing this (where's the evidence? ... why can't we see it? Reassure us.), reasons for terrorism (how can anyone hate the U.S.?), mixing religion and politics (stop saying God is on our side, Bush). There's both hawks and doves and plenty of people who've thought a bit about the matter.