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Spin and Secrets


Here's a <a href="">scary article</a> from Thomas Friedman on the <a href="">New York Times</a>. He discusses how the U.S. needs to spin the war better because there's too much <span class="reference">dissent</span>. <span class="quote"><q>[A] month into the war in Afghanistan, the hand-wringing has already begun over how long this might last. Let's all take a deep breath and repeat after me: Give war a chance. This is Afghanistan we're talking about. Check the map. It's far away.</q></span> So, the government isn't doing enough to convince of the righteousness of the cause. In related news, In the <a href="">Newsday</a>, Bush has <a href="">changed the Presidential Records Act</a> of 1978: <span class="quote"><q>Some historians have suspected the Bush White House is worried about what the Reagan papers might reveal about officials now working for President Bush who also worked for Reagan. Among them are Secretary of State Colin Powell, Budget Director Mitch Daniels Jr. and White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card. ... [director of the National Coordinating Committee for the Promotion of History] Craig said the Bush White House might be worried that the war on terrorism may generate documents it would rather not see exposed down the road.</q></span> So if the spin succeeds or fails, there's one more way to plug the hole, anyway.