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Chew before swallowing


Mark Morford, of <a href="">SF Gate</a> has published <a href="">Evil Evildoers of Evil: How to feel calmly patriotic and yet not be slightly reassured by Bush & Co.</a>. <span class="quote"><q>There is more than one way to respond to the horror of Sept. 11. And there is more than one kind of patriotism. We forget this. ... Pro-America does not mean pro-war. Or pro-Bush. Or anti-Afghanistan. Or pro-little-flags-on-SUV-antennas. ... It means thinking independently and getting better informed and filtering your news very carefully and realizing that just because one version of the American aggro attitude is currently being ramrodded down society's throat doesn't mean you have to swallow.</q></span> <span class="notes">(Spotted on <a href="">Wil Wheaton</a>.)</span>