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Didgeridoos and Ukuleles in Hinwil


Hinwil is a smallish town in the canton of Zürich in Swizerland. It can, by no stretch of the imagination, be characterized as either remotely Hawaiian or Australian. Even more so as an especially long winter retains its iron grip on the region. Why is it then that a local discounter (Aldis) has found it to be economically attractive to carry both ukuleles and didgeridoos, as shown in the photos below? <div align="center"><img attachment="dsc00075.jpg" align="left" class="frame" caption="Ukuleles"><img attachment="dsc00076.jpg" align="left" class="frame" caption="Didgeridoos"></div> Is it really so bad to see the back of an economic system that provides us with lunacy such as this? In what world is it sane to expend energy providing such utterly indefensible consumer situations? This is economy at all costs: someone put those things together, someone boxed them up and shipped them and various people likely transported them to this store. People were occupied in doing so, but what has this economic activity created? Activity for activity's sake instead of actual acts of creation, instead of providing goods that are actually useful.