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Hope Springs Eternal


Another NFL season is upon us. The Jets---weary, beleaguered, eternally unrewarded warriors---once again trudge to the line of scrimmage. <a href="" source="The Owls" author="Morgan Meis">The New York Jets: Week One</a> has sports writing that borders on poetry: <bq>His name is Darrelle Revis and ... [i]t is his fate to be the greatest cornerback, the greatest. He is so good that he erases himself. Did you see him during that first game, on Monday Night Football even as the fog lifted? No, you didn’t see him. That’s because his defensive genius negates whatever player he defends. The opposing team simply ignores that side of the field. And so he disappears, pulling all the stars around him down, down, into the quiet place where the opposing passing game goes to die. To Revis Island, where nothing happens.</bq> The season is young and hope has not yet died.