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The United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained


The video below<fn> explains the difference between the various political and geographical entities that are still or have historically been associated with England. Below the video is a summary with links and a screenshot of the final graphic, which is a nice Venn diagram of all of the various entities. <media href="" src="" caption="The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained" source="YouTube" author="CGPGrey" class="frame" align="center" width="560px"> <ul> The United Kingdom is a political entity that comprises <i>England</i>, <i>Wales</i>, <i>Northern Ireland</i> and <i>Scotland</i>. Great Britain is a geographical entity and is the largest of the British Isles and is a subset of the United Kingdom that does not include <i>Northern Ireland</i>. The island of <i>Ireland</i> comprises <i>Northern Ireland</i> and <i>The Republic of Ireland</i>. The <a href="" source="Wikipedia">Commonwealth Realm</a> comprises <i>Canada</i>, <i>Australia</i>, <i>New Zealand</i>, <i>Jamaica</i> and other islands (watch the video or hit the link above for a full list). The <a href="" source="Wikipedia">Crown Dependencies</a> include <i>Guernsey</i>, <i>Jersey</i> and <i>Isle of Man</i>. And, finally, the <a href="" source="Wikipedia">British Overseas Territories</a> (also known as the former <i>Crown Colonies</i>) include <i>Bermuda</i>, the <i>Cayman Islands</i> and the <i>Falkland Islands</i> as well as many more. </ul> <img src="{att_link}screen_shot_2011-03-27_at_17.53.52.jpg" href="{att_link}screen_shot_2011-03-27_at_17.53.52.jpg" align="center" class="frame" caption="Overview of the Various Political and Geographical Entities" scale="50%"> <hr> <ft>Hat-tip to <i>Kath</i>, who found it on <a href="" source="Gadling" author="Mike Barish" title="Video of the Day: The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England">Video of the Day</a>.</ft>