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Side-by-side in Gaza redux


In 2009, <a href="" source="" author="">Side-by-side in Gaza</a> noted the disparity in the damage caused by Palestinian ordnance versus that caused by Israeli. As revealed in pictures from <a href="" source="Big Picture Blog" author="">Israel---Gaza conflict</a>, the stark difference remains in 2012. Is it clear that, while the Gazans are capable of producing <i>some</i> weaponry despite the strict blockades (and allegedly with Iran and Arab countries in its corner), its firepower pales in comparison to that of the Israelis (with the U.S. in <i>its</i> corner). Having the right friends makes all the difference. <div align="center"><img attachment="bp16.jpg" align="left" class="frame" caption="Israeli home damaged by Palestinian rocket"><img attachment="bp20.jpg" align="left" class="frame" caption="Palestinian home damaged by Israeli rocket"></div> <div align="center"><img attachment="bp19.jpg" align="left" class="frame" caption="Hole in Israeli roof caused by Palestinian rocket"><img attachment="bp23.jpg" align="left" class="frame" caption="Hole in Palestinian roof caused by Israeli rocket"></div>