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The Spirit of Christmas


The article <a href="" author="George Monbiot">Spend, don't Mend</a> sums up the season as follows, <bq>Have people become so immune to fellow feeling that they are prepared to spend £46 on a jar for dog treats or £6.50 a bang on personalised crackers, <b>rather than give the money to a better cause?</b>(7) Or is this the Western world’s potlatch, spending ridiculous sums on conspicuously useless gifts to enhance our social status? [...] To service this peculiar form of mental illness, we must wear down the knap of the Earth, <b>ream the surface of the planet with great holes</b>, fleetingly handle the products of that destruction[,] <b>then dump the materials into another hole.</b> (Emphasis added.)</bq>