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The constitutional professor


Cartoonist Ted Rall published the following cartoon at the end of 2013: <img src="{att_link}tr131230.gif" align="none" caption="On Sec. 107(a) of the NDAA"> The first couple of panels document the most recent transgressions that the Obama administration has made under the auspices of the NDAA---the National Defense Authorization Act. These include sweeping away constitutionally guaranteed rights in a manner breathtaking even for citizens who survived eight years of the Bush/Cheney administration. The final panel shows a soldier wondering how this can be, while another patiently explains. <bq><b>Soldier #1:</b> But Obama was a Constitutional law professor. <b>Soldier #2:</b> There's a big difference between <b>liking</b> the Constitution and <b>studying</b> the Constitution. ... Mengele <b>studied</b> Jews... (Emphasis in original)</bq>