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John Oliver on the power of state legislators


Congress may be at an ineffective standstill and the next two years are a legislative wasteland stretching before America and the world. The state legislatures, though, aren't sitting still. Instead, they're filled with the crème de la crème that America has to offer: from mildly racist to super-racist, from batshit crazy to crazier than a shithouse rat. After introducing many of the lunatic creatures that will have an inordinate effect on ordinary citizens' lives, Oliver notes that they are all running unopposed and concludes: <bq>We look forward to you wielding a terrifying amount of power over the next several years, safe in the knowledge that no one is paying attention.</bq> <media src="" source="YouTube" caption="Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: State Legislatures and ALEC (HBO)" author="John Oliver" date="Nov 2, 2014" width="560px">