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Trump's reason to run


I was digging and sorting and deleting old bookmarks the other day and came across this clip from the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner. I don't want to take anything away from him with the analysis that follows: Seth Meyers really knocks it out of the park for his whole 20 minutes or so. Really good material. But there's something I noticed. I've cued up the following clip at the point in his presentation where I feel he may have influenced the future of the U.S. of A. without even realizing it. If it doesn't cue, then you can jump to the 12:00 mark to see what I'm talking about. <media src="" href="" source="YouTube" caption="C-SPAN: Seth Meyers remarks at the 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner" author="Seth Myers" width="560px"> Do you see what I saw? The simmering anger, the utter lack of self-deprecation on Trump's part during the whole <i>several-minute--long</i> segment during which Meyers <i>relentlessly</i> eviscerates him? Can you feel the boiling anger? The way Trump harnesses it, focuses it, hones it to a diamond-sharp <i>tip of a spear</i> that he will use to ramrod America and make Seth Meyers <i>eat his fucking words</i>? Are you getting that vibe too? Five short years later and Seth Meyers has got to be reŽvaluating his comments. If he'd just left Trump alone---or not leaned on him <i>so hard</i>... Seriously, he would just not let up. I was almost feeling a bit bad for Trump. Aren't you supposed to hammer on the sitting president during this shindig? Instead, Meyers helped forge the T-1000--like determination that is catapulting Trump to the presidency. Or not. Whatever happens, the man made a huge splash. I've heard that Trump still sends pictures of himself---years later---with his hands circled and the text "See? Normal-sized." to the journalist who first accused him of having small hands. Given that, it's not beyond the realm of possibility that Trump is running <i>purely</i> to show that fucking upstart Meyers who can't win the presidency. If Trump becomes president of the U.S., send your hate mail to Seth Meyers. Everyone else? <del>Hold on to your hats...</del> Nah. You know what? Considering the U.S. has had one war criminal after another as president, U.S. citizens might sob and cry about how horrible Trump is as president, but the rest of the world won't notice the difference. As Yemenis, Pakistanis, etc. can't tell the difference between Bush's and Obama's drones today, death from above will look the same to them, whether it comes from Trump or Cruz or Clinton.