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An Ocean of Misdirection


<img src="{att_link}ocean-wave-1149174_960_720.jpg" scale="75%"> A sea of propaganda covers the population of the U.S. For the most part, it goes unnoticed. Its greasy, tepid depths cover their heads in lazy, turgid swells. Ancient Greeks had but a river---Americans reside beneath a whole ocean of Lethe's waters. Just weeks away from the 2016 U.S. presidential election, the machinery of the ruling class has steadily increased a torrent of endless wealth to churn these depths. The surface heaves as powerful currents of brainwashing media bludgeon an already stunned and impotent populace. Exhausted minds are incited to fever pitch, urged to positive---and negative---excitement about one candidate or the other. Were they able---for just a few moments---to tread water, they might shake away the cobwebs, see the world more clearly. Instead, they are trapped beneath the waves, swaying in the currents of imposed thought like kelp. Even once-strong minds that had resisted the lazier eddies before the storm, have now succumbed their principles. They capitulate utterly. Their support for one candidate or the other---though at first grudging---becomes a rabid defense of that person. One candidate is a God striding the Earth, rejuvenating America by his or her very existence, the other a wholly evil abomination, engendering chaos and ruin in his or her every shambolic move. Reality, in its prosaic, tepid grays, has no place in this world of light and shadow. Continued in: <ul> <a href="{app}/view_article.php?id=3300">Vote Hillary or we’re all gonna die! (i.e. Jill Stein hates your children.)</a> <a href="{app}/view_article.php?id=3302">The left's answer: blame everything on the Russians</a> <a href="{app}/view_article.php?id=3303">Trigger-happy: Hillary Clinton vs. the World</a> <a href="{app}/view_article.php?id=3304">Syria: Hillary's lever to topple Russia</a> </ul>