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Redacted Tonight continues to do a great job


<media source="YouTube" author="Lee Camp" src="" href=" 65_GcK0g_VU" caption="[135] The REAL Reason the U.S. Wants War with Iran, Standing Rock News, Capitalism Failing (27m)" width="560px"> This is yet another well-written, darkly comic and information-packed show by Lee Camp and his crew at Redacted Tonight on RT.<fn> In this show, we hear that a bipartisan resolution easily passed the Congress, authorizing the executive to do anything in its power to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons. I thought it was Trump that trying to dismantle the hard-won treaty with Iran? Apparently, it's the entire government. This was passed on January 3rd, 2017, when Obama was still in power and when the Congress was well-aware who would be in charge in just three weeks. The saber-rattling against Iran is bipartisan (and probably strongly fueled by Israeli foreign-policy interests, as ever). In fact, Obama put a part of the U.S. fleet (and its allies) into the Gulf of Aden for a giant military exercise currently in progress---with the explicit purpose of "war-gaming a war with Iran". Camp asks us to imagine how the U.S. would react if Iran teamed up with China and Russia to practice war games against the U.S. in the Gulf of Mexico. This is madness. And blaming everything on Trump is a giant distraction. Paying attention to Trump's little bullshit is to be distracted from the real, dangerous issues that Trump is definitely continuing---but that he is not at all alone in pursuing. The U.S. is doing what the U.S. always does, regardless of who's in power: protecting financial interests by making war. Just the week before, Camp discussed the Muslim ban, rightly pointing out that, bad as it was, it was only an extension of policies in place since years under Obama. <media source="YouTube" author="Lee Camp" src="" href="" caption="[134] Secret TRUTH About Muslim Ban, Goldman Sachs Takes Over For Trump, Dems Impotent (27m)" width="560px"> Finally, the most recent episode tackles the U.S. government subsidies that contribute to our own undoing. <media source="YouTube" author="Lee Camp" src="" href="" caption="[136] We Are Subsidizing Our Death, Net Neutrality Under Attack, Sanctuary Cities On The Rise" width="560px">