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Public Service Announcement: Redacted Tonight


I've written several times about <a href="">Redacted Tonight</a> this year already, but I'm damned if that show doesn't keep topping itself. The shows from the last two weeks have again been well-worth watching, providing unvarnished international news. Yesterday's show was about the complicity of mainstream media in the glorification of U.S. violence around the world. Lee shows examples from CNN, MSNBC and FOX where the reporting on America's weapons of mass destruction is pornographic. A correspondent segment by John F. O'Donnell provides examples of how CNN has actual Raytheon lobbyists/representatives on-staff as reporters---and don't say anything about it. You're watching commercials for weapons' manufacturers masquerading as news. <media date="22. April, 2017" src="" href="" source="YouTube" author="Lee Camp" caption="[145] The Lying Language Of War & Media, Snap Election, Billions From Churches" width="560px"> The show from the week before was in the same vein and is also well-worth watching. <media date="15. April, 2017" src="" href="" source="YouTube" author="Lee Camp" caption="[144] What You Arenít Being Told About Syria, Monsanto Labeled Cancerous & More" width="560px"> I don't receive anything for advertising for this show---I only hope that others can benefit from a wickedly funny presentation that doesn't pull any punches content-wise. John Oliver is pretty funny, but he pulls punches and loses focus on the target. Lee Camp and his merry crew are 100% laser-like focused on the issues that matter. They are hands-down the best news show on television. Sure, it's RT---Russia Today---but who the hell else is going to host such a subversive show in America? It's available for free on YouTube. Subscribe to it. You won't regret it.