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Books in Zürich Aiport


The book store at the Zürich Airport has a decidedly more diverse assortment of literature than I would have expected. I just expected a ton of Clive Cussler and John Grishman and John LeCarré, but I was pleasantly surprised. On the first couple of shelves, I noticed three Chomsky books and a Varoufakis<fn> book. <img src="{att_link}img_1867.jpg" href="{att_link}img_1867.jpg" align="none" scale="25%"> Another shelf held Naomi Klein, Chomsky and Varoufakis: <img src="{att_link}img_1870.jpg" href="{att_link}img_1870.jpg" align="none" scale="25%"> On another shelf, Laurie Penny showed up and, once again, Varoufakis. <img src="{att_link}img_1871.jpg" href="{att_link}img_1871.jpg" align="none" scale="25%"> Ishiguro's classic and Arundhati Roy's latest were on another shelf. I even saw her book on the German shelves, as well.<fn> <img src="{att_link}img_1874.jpg" href="{att_link}img_1874.jpg" align="none" scale="25%"> If I was ever stuck in this airport, I could rest easy that I would find something interesting to read. <hr> <ft>Yanis Varoufakis was the finance minister of Greece during the brief Syriza rule. He was the main negotiator with the troika during the Greek financial crisis a few years back.</ft> <ft>Sure, they're right next to Bear Grylls's book, but that's OK. To each their own. At least I'd have something to read.</ft>