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Sohaila Abdulali Interview


I just listened to this interview with Sohaila Abdulali, the author of the book <a href="">What We Talk About When We Talk About Rape</a>. This is an incredibly lucid, pragmatic, sensitive and occasionally funny interview. <a href="" source="This is Hell" author="Sohaila Abdulali">On rape and the conversation about rape</a> <bq>I never forgot what happened to me. I wouldn't say I 'got over' it, in the same sense I wouldn't say I 'got over' the fact that my father died. Both of those things are awful, but here I am. I figured it out. I feel bad sometimes, and often I don't. I'm not quite sure why we put rape in this entirely separate category - and then even as I say that, I realize it IS in a separate category, because it's this complicated issue.</bq> It's 47 minutes long and well-worth your time.