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Learning Quino: a roadmap for documentation and tutorials


<n>Note: this article was originally published at <a href=""></a> in July, 2018.</n> <hr> In recent articles, we outlined <a href="/latest/developer-blogs/quinos-roadmap-to-net-standard-and-net-core/">a roadmap to .NET Standard and .NET Core</a> and <a href="">a roadmap for deployment and debugging</a>. These two roadmaps taken together illustrate our plans to extend as much of Quino as possible to other platforms (.NET Standard/Core) and to make development with Quino as convenient as possible (getting/upgrading/debugging). To round it off, we've made good progress on another vital piece of any framework: <b>documentation</b>. <h>Introducing</h> We recently set up a new server to host <a href="">Quino documentation</a>. There, you can find documentation for current releases. Going forward, we'll also retain documentation for any past releases. We're generating our documentation with <a href="">DocFX</a>, which is the same system that powers Microsoft's own documentation web site. We've integrated documentation-generation as a build step in Quino's nightly build on TeamCity, so it's updated every night (Zürich time)<fn>. The documentation includes <a href="">conceptual documentation</a> which provides an overview/tutorials/FAQ for basic concepts in Quino. The <a href="">API Reference</a> includes comprehensive documentation about the types and methods available in Quino. <h>Next Steps</h> While we're happy to announce that we have publicly available documentation for Quino, we're aware that we've got work to do. The next steps are: <ul> Improve and extend conceptual documentation (<a href="">QNO-3452</a>, <a href="">QNO-3453</a>, <a href="">QNO-3985</a>, <a href="">QNO-5282</a>, <a href="">QNO-5283</a>, <a href="">QNO-5284</a>, <a href="">QNO-5286</a>, <a href="">QNO-5391</a>, <a href="">QNO-5528</a>, <a href="">QNO-5544</a>, <a href="">QNO-5562</a>, <a href="">QNO-5813</a>, <a href="">QNO-5912</a> ) Improve the search for API documentation to include members as well as types (<a href="">QNO-5934</a>) Integrate documentation for the newly created/separated Quino-WebApi repository (<a href="">IT-1293</a>) Retain documentation for the soon-to-be-split-off Quino-Windows repository (<a href="">QNO-5904</a>) </ul> Even though there's still work to do, this is a big step in the right direction. We're very happy to have found DocFX, which is a very comprehensive, fast and nice-looking solution to generating documentation for .NET code.<fn> <hr> <ft>If the build succeeds, naturally. :-)</ft> <ft>We used to use Sandcastle many years ago, but dropped support because it took forever to generate documentation, required its own solution file, didn't look very nice out-of-the-box, wasn't so easily customized and didn't have a very good search (which also didn't work without an IIS running it).</ft>