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The Real Reason


The article <a href="" source="CNN">America's largest milk producer files for bankruptcy</a> spends a few useless paragraphs discussing America's growing predilection for "milk alternatives" before finishing with the following paragraph: <bq>That's not the only problem Dean Foods has faced. Walmart (WMT), which was one of Dean Food's biggest customers, dropped them last year after building its own dairy plant.</bq> So, oat-milk sales being up is the lede and the world's largest company having dropped Dean as a vendor is just an incidental footnote? The one time I open a link to a CNN article, I'm rewarded with my expectations being met. My expectations of CNN: <ul> Include an auto-starting, non-muted video that follows you around the screen Push agenda that a given trend is driven by the lifestyle choices of its mid-to-upper-class readers/viewers Bitch about my ad-blocker </ul> Check, check and check.