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Marco's Old Links


<h>Marco's Old Links</h> The following are links to old favorites, some of which are dead and others that are no longer interesting to me. <div class="links"> <ul> <a href="">AdBusters</a> <a href="">BBSpot</a> <a href="">BeOS</a> <a href="">Blooberry</a> <a href="">HTMLHelp</a> <a href="">Veerle's Links</a> <a href=""></a> <a href="">Feed</a> <a href="">Hyperdictionary</a> <a href="" source="" author="Stephen King">Little Green God of Agony</a> <a href="">Hitchhiker's Guide</a> <a href="">Intercal</a> <a href="">ivtools</a> <a href="">Jeet Kune Do</a> <a href="">Least I Could Do</a> <a href="">Light Years Away</a> <a href="">Looking for Group</a> <a href="">..::Lvl</a> <a href="">Memepool</a> <a href="">The Register</a> <a href="">SatireWire</a> <a href="">ShackNews</a> <a href="">Slashdot</a> <a href="">Something Awful</a> <a href="">Suck</a> <a href="">Old Man Murray</a> <a href="">SeanBaby</a> <a href="">Seanbaby (The Wave)</a> <a href="">Quokka</a> <a href="">Stomped</a> <a href="">The Baffler</a> <a href="">User Friendly</a> <a href="">Janes</a> <a href="">Christian Science Monitor</a> <a href="">EFF</a> <a href="">John Pilger</a> <a href="">Maddox Rules</a> <a href="">Mark Morford (SFGate)</a> <a href="">McSweeney's</a> <a href="">Media Matters</a> <a href="">MNFTIU</a> <a href="">Mother Jones</a> <a href="">Paul Krugman</a> <a href="">Talking Points Memo</a> <a href="">Tariq Ali</a> <a href="">What Really Happened</a> <a href="">Turning the Tide</a> <a href="">ZMag</a> <a href="">Common Dreams</a> <a href="">Daring Fireball (John Gruber blog)</a> <a href="">Democracy Now!</a> <a href="">Fat Bits (Jon Siracusa blog)</a> <a href="">Malcolm Gladwell</a> <a href="">Hicks Design</a> <a href="">HiveLogic (Dan Benjamin)</a> <a href="">Hixie's Natural Log</a> <a href="">Jay Pinkerton</a> <a href="">MF Blog</a> <a href=""></a> <a href="">Pointless waste of time</a> <a href="">Rands in Repose</a> <a href="">Aaron Schwartz (Raw Thought)</a> <a href="">SimpleBits (Dan Cederholm)</a> <a href="">Rentzch - Tales from the Red Shed</a> <a href="">The Belgravia Dispatch</a> <a href="">The Dilbert Blog (Scott Adams)</a> <a href="">The Macalope</a> <a href="">The Sandbox</a> <a href="">Fake Steve Jobs Blog</a> <a href="">The Show with Ze Frank</a> <a href="">uggabugga</a> <a href="">Whiskey Bar</a> <a href="">White House.Org</a> <a href="">Wil Shipley</a> </ul> </div>