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Jonathan Pie on Acting Gay


Jonathan Pie nails it, with nary a superfluous word. <media href="" src="" width="560px" source="YouTube" caption="Acting Gay!" author="Jonathan Pie"> Partial transcription of the 4.5-minute video. <bq>If this is about authenticity and not about wokeness---which I don't believe for a second, by the way---if it <i>is</i> about authenticity...would Russell T. Davis cast a gay person in a straight role? I'm not being contrarian. I'm not. An actor's job is to imagine being in the shoes of someone who has a different lived experience to their own. <b>Suggesting that an actor can't authentically pretend to be sexually attracted to someone they aren't, seems like a complete misunderstanding of what an actor's job <i>is</i></b>. <i>And</i>, if a straight actor playing a gay role reverts to lazy, unauthentic gay stereotypes, [...] it's not because they're straight, it's because <i>they're a shit actor</i>! This also suggests that every gay actor should be [...] happy to wear their sexuality like a "Baby on Board" badge. It implies that an actor's sexuality needs to be on their CV alongside their hair color and stage-combat skills. It implies that gay people are defined by their gayness. <b>Some of the most interesting people I know happen to be gay---and them being gay is the least interesting thing about them.</b> His [Davis] is not a progressive argument in any way, shape, or form. [...] It's the <b>thin end of a very boring, drab, lifeless wedge where all art is dead in favor of identity-politics--based dogma</b> [...]</bq> From the comments on YouTube: <bq>[] the hypocrisy of being so Woke that you accidentally reinvent prejudice against sexual preferences.<fn></bq> <hr> <ft>A policy I reluctantly think of as switching-the-signs-on-the-drinking-fountains. <img src="{att_link}image_2021-01-18_231955.png" href="{att_link}image_2021-01-18_231955.png" align="none" caption="Segregated Drinking Fountains" scale="50%"></ft>