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A breakdown of programming languages used in a week


In one recent week, I realized I'd been working in many different areas and on many different projects, so I took an inventory. For one project, I reconfigured a program with <hl>Delphi Pascal</hl>, using <hl>Delphi 7</hl> (it's a very old, legacy solution) to run on my local machine instead of in a VM that had swollen to 120GB. For that project, I also used <hl>SQL</hl> on <hl>SQL Server</hl>, running in a <hl>Docker</hl> container that I'd configured with <hl>YAML</hl>. The solution has several products, among which you can switch, so I wrote a <hl>Windows Batch</hl> program to transfer and back up versions, so you can nicely diff them with <hl>SmartGit</hl> using <hl>Git</hl>. In order to diff SQL, I used a tool written in <hl>TypeScript</hl>, which I extended with a few fixes and tests written with <hl>Jest</hl> in <hl>Visual Studio Code</hl>. I updated the documentation in <hl>Markdown</hl>. At the same time, I was working on <a href="">Quino</a>, written in <hl>C#</hl> for the <hl>.NET</hl> platform, using <hl>Visual Studio</hl> on <hl>Windows</hl> and <hl>Jetbrains Rider</hl> on <hl>MacOS</hl>. I also set up a new solution using Quino, which involved editing a bunch of <hl>XML</hl> project files as well as configuring <hl>SQL Server</hl> and <hl>PostgreSql</hl> with <hl>Docker</hl>. I again used <hl>YAML</hl> to define pipelines in <hl>Azure DevOps</hl>. For two evenings, I graded final projects for a <hl>JavaScript</hl> class I've just finished teaching. On the other evenings, I researched modern <hl>HTML</hl>, <hl>CSS</hl>, and <hl>SVG</hl> for an upcoming redesign of earthli. I made a few <hl>PHP</hl> fixes for earthli as well. I wrote blog posts, wiki entries, and issue analyses in <hl>Jira Syntax</hl>, <hl>Markdown</hl>, <hl>XWiki syntax</hl>, and <hl><a href="">earthli Syntax</a></hl> in both English and German.