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Set a Git Tag on Azure


As with <a href="{app]view_article.php?id=4223">installing a dotnet tool on Azure</a>, there isn't a standard task for setting a Git tag from a pipeline YAML configuration. The Pipeline UI has an option to easily do this, but that hasn't translated to a task yet, nor does it look like it's likely to, according to online discussions. Setting a Git tag is relatively straightforward, but is complicated by permissions (as with <a href="{app]view_article.php?id=4223">installing a dotnet tool</a>. To tag a build, you have to just execute the <c>git</c> commands in a script. <code> - task: CmdLine@2 displayName: Push Git Tag inputs: script: | git tag $(Build.BuildNumber) git push origin $(Build.BuildNumber) </code> If, for whatever reason, you want the tag to be created by the triggering user, then include the following lines as well: <code> - task: CmdLine@2 displayName: Push Git Tag inputs: script: | git config $env:BUILD_REQUESTEDFOREMAIL git config $env:BUILD_REQUESTEDFOR git tag $(Build.BuildNumber) git push origin $(Build.BuildNumber) </code> You should include this step after the version number has been updated. With the task in place, you have to ensure that you've granted permissions to the proper user. <ol> Go to the "project settings" Select "Repos/Repositories" Select the "Permissions" tab Allow the specific permission "Contribute" for the "Project Collection Build Service" user.<fn> </ol> <img src="{att_link}repositorypermissions.png" href="{att_link}repositorypermissions.png" align="none" caption="Granting Repository Permissions" scale="40%"> <hr> <ft>Note: granting the permission to "Project Collection Build Service Accounts" or "[Project Name] Build Services" had no noticeable effect.</ft>