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Overpromising or false advertising?


I spotted this box of "lane Ground Biscuits" at the local grocer's. <img src="{att_link}lane_ground_biscuits_overpromises.jpeg" href="{att_link}lane_ground_biscuits_overpromises.jpeg" align="none" caption="lane Ground Biscuits overpromises" scale="50%"> It may, on the surface, look like a box containing a bag full of pre-crushed cookies. I assume that that's what "ground biscuits" are. This box was on the shelf next to other boxes of "biscuits", with a picture of what looked like...cookies. So far, so good. What the company that makes it <i>thinks</i> it is, is <bq>[...] all you need [...] to free your imagination and to enjoy in infinite possibilities to be creative, to have fun and spend quality time with your family.</bq> The grammar<fn> is not that great---it's missing the Oxford comma, the infinitive before "spend", and "enjoy <i>in</i>" sounds weird---but it's so <i>ebullient</i>, so <i>hopeful</i>. I quite enjoy imagining a people so enlightened that all they need for ultimate happiness is a box full of pre-made cookie crumbs. What a versatile, self-reliant, and imaginative folk they must. be. We are not them. <hr> <ft> Wikipedia says it's in <a href="">Serbia</a>.</ft>