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Beware constants in ASP (scripting bug)


There is a bug in scope resolution in IIS 5.0. When resolving a variable within a member function, precedence is given to a global constant instead of to a member variable of the same name. The problem does not occur with global variables. Paste the following code into a page: <box title="Sample Code"> <code> <% <b>const</b> name = 1 <b>class</b> A <b>public</b> name <b>public function</b> get_name get_name = name <b>end function</b> <b>end class</b> <b>dim</b> a1 <b>set</b> a1 = <b>new</b> A = "test" %> <%=name%><br> <><br> <%=a1.get_name%><br></code> </box> All it does is declare a constant, a class with one function, then outputs some data. The expected output is: <pre>1 test test</pre> However, IIS emits: <pre>1 test 1</pre> If you replace: <code><b>const</b> name = 1</code> with: <code><b>dim</b> name name = 1</code> it emits: <pre>1 test test</pre> as expected. If you replace: <code><b>public function</b> get_name get_name = name <b>end function</b></code> with (change is highlighted): <code><b>public function</b> get_name get_name = <hl>me</hl>.name <b>end function</b></code> it emits: <pre>1 test test</pre> as expected. <sarcasm>Here's looking forward to .NET.</sarcasm>