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Dilbert is getting darker


I dunno, <a href="">Dilbert</a> has always been dark, but I thought these <a href="">three</a> <a href="">recent</a> <a href="">cartoons</a> were even more cynical than usual. <img src="{att_link}dt211214.gif" href="{att_link}dt211214.gif" align="none" caption="Dilbert: Burrow Into A Team (14.12.2021)" scale="50%"> <img src="{att_link}dt211215.gif" href="{att_link}dt211215.gif" align="none" caption="Dilbert: Guy With No Talents (15.12.2021)" scale="50%"> <img src="{att_link}dt211217.gif" href="{att_link}dt211217.gif" align="none" caption="Dilbert: Lower The Quality (17.12.2021)" scale="50%"> I feel like they come at it from opposite angles, but Dilbert and <a href="">Existential Comics</a> have a lot of overlap in critiquing the existing system. A <a href="">recent</a> one about anarchism was great. <img src="{att_link}anarchyonthestreet.jpg" href="{att_link}anarchyonthestreet.jpg" align="none" caption="Existential Comics: Anarchy on the Street" scale="50%">