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God Emporer of Dune Notes


Page 130 - <iq>It was not until the instant of this experience that I understood what he had meant by the 'wordless truth'. It happened, yet I cannot describe it.</iq> - Chenoeh Page 162 - <iq>[The military] believe that by risking death they pay the price of any violent behavior against enemies of their own choosing. They have the invader mentality. [They] don't believe [themselves] responsible for anything done against <i>aliens</i>.</iq> - Leto II Page 196 - <iq>The mind imposes this framework which it calls 'reality'. That arbitrary framework has a tendency to be quite independent of what your senses report.</iq> - Muad'Dib Page 225 - <iq>Prisons are needed only to provide the illusion that courts and police are effective. They're a kind of job insurance. ... You talk of prisons and police and legalities, the perfect illusions behind which a prosperous power structure can operate, while observing, quite rightly, that it is above its own laws.</iq> - Leto II Page 241 - <iq>A bad administrator is more concerned with reports than with decisions. He wants the hard record which he can display as an excuse for his errors. ... [Good administrators] depend on verbal orders. They never lie about what they've done if their verbal orders cause problems, and they surround themselves with people able to act wisely on the basis of verbal orders. Often the most important piece of information is that something has gone wrong. Bad administrators hide their mistakes until it's too late to make corrections. ... Most bureaucracies [seek] out and [promote] people who [avoid] decisions.</iq> - Leto II Page 311 - <iq>Natura non facit saltus</iq> - Leto II Page 387 - <iq>You should never be in the company of anyone with whom you would not want to die.</iq> - Fremen saying